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Balloon Friend Blend

Put each name of half of your guests on a separate slip of paper, and put each slip of paper inside of its own balloon. (For example, if you have 10 guests, put 5 names in 5 separate balloons). Throw all of the balloons up into the air, and have each person (the 5 people whose names are not in a balloon) take a balloon and pop it! They must then walk around and find the person whose name they have, and both people must introduce themselves to each other. Then after chatting for a few moments, the person whose name was not in the balloon must introduce their "balloon friend" to another person at the party. Continue to introduce yourself and your "balloon friend" to people until both of you have met everyone at the party.


Betty Boop Game

Divide the group into 3 smaller groups...Betty, Popeye & Wolf.

...When you mention "Betty" that group stands up and says: "Boop-Boop-De-Doo" (with hip action)  ...When you mention "Popeye" that group stands up and says: "Well, blow me down" (with arm waving action) ...When you mention "Wolf" that group stands up and gives a "Wolf Whistle".

~*Here's the Story to Read*~

"Once upon a time, there was a charming young lady named BETTY (Pause after each one) who was loved by a sailor called POPEYE. BETTY lived near a great forest in


which there roamed a big WOLF. One day BETTY decided to visit her grandmother who lived in the heart of the forest where the WOLF lived, but BETTY would not listen and would not let POPEYE accompany her. Soon the WOLF followed BETTY, and he crept closer and closer. But, behind him came POPEYE! Just as the WOLF was about to leap on BETTY, POPEYE hit him with his trusty club and saved BETTY'S life. This is the end of the story of POPEYE, BETTY BOOP and the Big Bad WOLF."

Describe Me

What is everyone's first impression of other partygoers? As guests arrive, make sure that each person gets an index card taped to their back as well as a pencil. Have your guests mingle, and meet each other. As people get to know each other a little bit better, have each guest write their first impressions of the people they meet on the cards

on their backs. Make sure to tell your guests to write funny things, but to stay away from anything resembling rude or mean comments. Write things like "quick wit," "bedroom eyes," "million dollar smile," "hot stepper," etc. After about 15-20 minutes, have each person read the card off the adjacent person's back for a few laughs.

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