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Left and Right #2

I LEFT my house and was on my way to (Hostesses name) house. But I LEFT the directions at home RIGHT by the phone! I knew RIGHT away that I needed to have the RIGHT directions to (hostess name) house, so I turned LEFT and I turned RIGHT and made my way back to my house for the RIGHT directions. Sure enough, there they were, RIGHT where I had LEFT them, RIGHT next to the phone.

Finally, I was on the RIGHT track. I arrived RIGHT on time and set up my display RIGHT over there. You all arrived and sat RIGHT down. I'll get RIGHT to work and tell you all about our wonderful company, the hostess program and our fabulous income opportunity. I hope nothing will be LEFT out. In a moment I will be showing you our exquisite products. If you LEFT home with the intention of shopping


for gifts tonight, remember, we have the RIGHT gift for everyone. Review your shopping list; we wouldn't want anyone to be LEFT out. We have just the RIGHT gifts for Birthdays, Anniversaries, and even just those special occasions.

I'm enjoying being here with all of you tonight and I hope that you are having fun, too. I know you can't wait to see if we have that special item you have been looking for and so without further delay I will get RIGHT to the point of this demonstration, which is showing you our fabulous products. Therefore, there is really nothing LEFT for me to do RIGHT now except to congratulate our winner! RIGHT?

Auction Game

This is several games in one. The best thing is you can play a lot but only use 3 gifts. Not every guest gets a gift,


but if they don't, I give them the option of being able to keep their money if they want to book, or they can come to someone else's class who has booked from the class on that day.

First make your own auction money. Put your name, number, and $50.00 free ask me. There are different denominations of $10, $20, $50, and $100.  The first game I play (gears to recruiting) is - Ask me questions about my job. Each question they get $10 in auction money. Then I have the Hostess pick a guest. That guest gets us in the shopping mood by singing her favorite song. Its worth $50 bucks if she does it, if not she can pass it to someone else, but I double the money. Then that guest picks someone and again the option of doing it or passing for double the money for that guest, but she has to recite a love poem. Next a person is picked to demonstrate her favorite item I have displayed (recruiting).  Then last I had someone do the Cool Daddy Dance (dance crazy). Hand them a pair of dark black sunglasses to do the dance.


Then last, but not least, I have envelopes done up that are laminated with a recruiting advertisement, Work Your Own Hours, No Collecting Money, etc.  Each envelope has different amounts of money. Each guest gets an envelope. Then do the Right/Left game! It gets fun because when everyone has something to pass it gets rather confusing (but fun).  I also tell them at no given time should anyone have more than one envelope. This gets really fun because if they realize they have more than one, they throw it to get rid of it. It gets really funny to watch them. At the end each person opens their envelope and counts their money for the auction.  While they are doing this, offer them extra money ($100 - $200) for booking a class.

Then I have 3 really nice gifts ~ usually large, medium and small in price and size. It depends on how into the show the hostess was. Like attendance, outside orders, etc. I feel that the better the 3 gifts the better the chance of guest booking. I also let them keep their auction money if they booked to use at their own class.

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