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Who is this?

Before the class, write down a statement about each guest that you get when you pre-profile them.  For example, you could write, "Born in a country other than the USA." "The name of the person _______". "The name of the country _________". Or a statement like, "Changed my major in college 3 times".   "The name of the person __________.   The 3 different majors _______________, ______________, and _____________". Put all of the statements together on one piece of paper, and give each guest a copy. Have all of your guests mingle, and ask each other questions to determine whose name belongs with each statement. Whoever has the most names filled in after about 10-15 minutes gets the honor of introducing the people whose names are on his/her sheet and a prize of course!



Let’s Get Rolling

Use this game as a booking tool.

All you need is a pair of fluffy dice usually found in an auto parts store.   Cut off the string.  At the end of my shows ask,   "Does anyone here like to gamble?" (There's at least one in every crowd.)  I then take the dice and throw them to her.  I then pull out my LETS GET ROLLING chart (create this and laminate it), which reads:

Roll a 2 - Book a show within 30 days
Roll a 3 - Receive a free hand lotion
Roll a 4 - Receive a free lip sample
Roll a 5 - Book a show within 20 days
Roll a 6 - Book a show within 20 days
Roll a 7 - Consider becoming a (your company) Consultant


Roll a 8 - Receive 5% off purchase
Roll a 9 - Book a show within 20 days
Roll a 10 - Book a show within 30 days
Roll a 11 - Receive 5% off order
Roll a 12 - Book a show within 30 days

Usually half will participate.  They all start cheering; it’s a lot of fun!

Pass the Gift

Wrap a gift and give it to the Hostess to hold, and then call out the list.  This is a fast game to play and they love it.

Pass to the Lady:


~ That arrived first
~ With the most children
~ Who is the tallest
~ That’s been married the longest
~ With the largest earrings
~ With the most grandchildren
~ With the most buttons
~ That lost the most weight
~ With the bluest eyes
~ Wearing the most rings
~ With the longest hair
~ That walked through the door last
~ On the right, and she WINS!

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