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It’s Just One Word

Have guests print the following across the top of a sheet of paper:


Tell guests “Unscramble it, it’s just one word.” They’ll ask for clues, but just say, “No, the only thing I can tell you is - it’s just one word.” Don’t ever say “make” one word out of it, because you can’t do that. The answer is: JUST ONE WORD. First person with the correct answer wins.


It Rhymes

There are fifteen phrases listed below. Each phrase can be converted into two words that rhyme. EXAMPLE: Happy Father = Glad Dad

1. Naughty boy - Bad Lad
2. Small skinny horse - Bony Pony
3. Antique seat - Rare Chair
4. Delicious fudge - Dandy Candy
5. Large hog - Big Pig
6. Smooth hen - Slick Chick
7. Irritated employer - Cross Boss
8. Loafing flower - Lazy Daisy
9. Ordinary walking stick - Plain Cane


10. 300-watt bulb - Bright Light
11. Fine orchestra - Grand Band
12. Small frankfurter - Teeny Weenie
13. Saturday for school children - Play Day
14. Comical rabbit - Funny Bunny
15. Overweight rodent - Fat Rat

Can You Remember?

1. He was Howdy Doody's sidekick (Clarabelle Clown)
2. The 3 Stooges (Larry, Moe & Curly or Joe)
3. Tonto's Horse (Scout)
4. Introduced the Beatles to the U.S.A. (Ed Sullivan)
5. Emcee of the Amateur Hour (Ted Mack)

6. Jack Benny's butler (Rochester)
7. Superman's girlfriend (Lois Lane)
8. Scarlett O'Hara's lover (Rhett Butler)
9. Famous Chinese detective (Charlie Chan)
10. Country you'd find Wuthering Heights (England)

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