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Take Aim

Use pencils or clothespins and a milk or soda bottle. Each guest stands next to the bottle and drops the pencil into the bottle. The guest getting the most in the bottle in one minute wins.

It’s All In How You Serve…

Bring cotton balls and a scarf for a blindfold. Ask the Hostess for two bowls and a spoon. Each guest takes a turn being blindfolded and attempting to pickup the cotton balls with the spoon from one bowl and put them in the other. Give each guest one minute, and the person with the most in the bowl wins.


Pass It On

Hand a guest a wrapped game gift. Turn your back and tell them to start passing the gift around as fast (but carefully) as they can. When you say the party plan name, the passing stops, and the person with her hands on the box must sit down. Repeat this until only one person is left. She is the winner and gets the gift.

It’s Me!

This game required a card of piece of paper with the name of a famous person on it for each guest. To begin the game, pin a card on each player’s back. The player must not see her “Name”, and can learn it only by asking questions of the other guests, such as: “Am I a man?”, “What country do I live in?” etc… The game continues until each guest has identified herself.


Calorie Count Up

Another fun guessing game!

Shaping up usually requires counting calories. How good are you at counting calories? Which of the 2 has more calories?

1. ½ c. grapefruit juice (43) or orange juice (53)
2. Piece of apple pie (331) or pumpkin pie (265)
3. Tangerine (40) or orange (70)
4. 1 ounce of fudge (118) or 2 Tablespoons of jam (110)
5. Medium banana (85) or medium apple (70)
6. ½ cup green beans (14) or cut beets (34)
7. 1 Teaspoon butter (25) or 1 egg (77)
8. ½ cup cantaloupe (15) or ½ wedge watermelon (60)
9. ½ cup raw carrots (23) or 6 pieces of celery (10)
10. Slice of white bread (60) or ¼ cup of raisins (115)


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