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Suck Those Beans

This game works well if you have a lively crowd (or if you'd like to liven them up) and if you use folders or clip boards with your catalogs and order forms. Give everyone a straw, ten dry large lima beans (dry peas, M & M's...any small object that can be held at the end of a straw - not too small though!!) and a 12 oz. Styrofoam coffee cup (or paper cups 3 oz. kitchen size...5 oz. bathroom size, etc). Have everyone put the straw in their mouths, dump the beans onto the folder, put the cup right side up on the folder, and then hold the folder with both hands. At the count of three, everyone must use the straw to suck the bean so that it hangs onto the bottom of the straw, and then move the straw to the top of the cup and stop sucking so the bean drops in the cup. NO CHEATING!!!! Everyone must keep both hands on their folders; no laps or tables allowed!!! First one to get all 10 in cup wins prize!!!!


Bean Hunt

Arrive at your party early and hide jellybeans all around the room. On a given signal, have all guests really hunt for the beans.  After they are all gathered up, have them take a look at what color they have for the following point values:

Pink - 4 points     Black - 3 points    Blue - 1 point      Green - 7 points     White - Zero points      Orange - 6 points  
Yellow - 10 points     Red - Subtract - 8

The “Huh?” Game

Prize goes to the person with the least amount right, but don't tell them until after the game has been scored.

How many months have 31 days? (7) Whose picture is on a $10 bill? (Hamilton) How many cups are in a gallon? (16)Where is the red light on a traffic light? (Top)How many sides to a stop sign?

(8) What is 2 plus 2 times 2 divided by 2? (4)What is the capitol of California? (Sacramento)Which hand does the Statue of Liberty hold up? (Right) Which side is the hot water faucet on? (Left) Who was our 7th president? (Andrew Jackson)

Right & Left Game #3

This is the story about two close friends, Mrs. Rightmyer and Mrs. Leftmore. On the same day, both ladies received an invitation to a [company] show. Right away, they each phoned the hostess to RSVP. The hostess let them know that at the show they would see great new products and they should be sure to each bring a friend.

Mrs. Rightmyer called Mrs. Leftmore right away to ask if they could drive together. Mrs. Leftmore thought that would be a great idea, after all, her home was only two doors left of Mrs. Rightmyer's. Mrs. Rightmyer called the hostess right back to check the directions. She was sure to write them right down so she and Mrs. Leftmore would not get lost.


When the night arrived, Mrs. Leftmore met Mrs. Rightmyer right at 6:45, as they both wanted to be right on time. They left the phone number where they could be reached and left for the show. Mrs. Leftmore read the directions as Mrs. Rightmyer drove: they were to go 3 miles and make a right at the light, go over a bridge, make a second right (where the deli was on the left) and the hostess' home would be the fifth house on the right. Sure enough, they arrived right at 6:55.

The hostess let them in and told them to make themselves right at home. They were surprised at how many new items were available for the New Year - there was the right gift at the right price for every occasion. The consultant left nothing to the imagination as she explained all of the uses of each piece. Mrs. Rightmyer fell in love with the (company product) and she knew that she wanted two! 

As Mrs. Rightmyer listened to the hostess program, she realized that she could get both items for free for hostessing a show, right in her own home. Both ladies had fun playing the Right and Left Game, but Mrs. Leftmore was impressed at how much fun the consultant was having! The consultant had shared lots of information about the income opportunity. Now Mrs. Leftmore was starting to wonder if this could be right for had been a long time since she and Mr. Leftmore had left for vacation and here was an opportunity to earn one free! Her hours could be based right around her family. What harm could it do to ask for information? She was pleased to hear she could attend an opportunity session right away and was more than welcome to bring Mrs. Rightmyer.

Well, the party was over and it was time to go home, but both knew they had made the right decision to attend.

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