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Holiday Tic-Tac-Toe

Give each guest a piece of paper, have them make a Tic Tac Toe game box, and fill in the 9 squares with words relating to whatever holiday is near. Call off your own list of words, and the first person to have a Tic Tac Toe wins.

Examples of word lists:

Christmas - Christ, Santa, Rudolph, manger, ornaments, mistletoe, eggnog, gifts, bells, carolers, Jesus, tree, tinsel, snowman, etc.

Valentine's Day - hearts, red, candy, kisses, love, Cupid, arrows, Be Mine, chocolate, roses, cards, flowers, etc.

Easter - Bunnies, chicks, flowers, baskets, eggs, chocolate, church, Christ, bonnets, hunts, jelly beans, lilies, spring, etc.


ass the Gift

You thought all the gifts were meant for you. But I have other items too. So hold up this gift and look around, and give it to the one with eyes of brown.

You think you are the lucky one, but let us all share in the fun!
Look around with eyes discreet, and give it to the one with the smallest feet.

Your feet are tiny and very small. Now hand it to someone very tall. Please, take your time and don't be harried. Give it to the one who is longest married.

You must be proud of your married life, now pass this on to the newest wife. Of this parcel you are bereft, give it to the one on your left.


The largest earring I'm looking for now, if you're wearing them, step up with a bow. Now to the person with buttons-- big or small, any kind, the most you can find gets the gift at this time.

Now don't get cross and please don't fight, but pass it to the lady third on the right. We should stop now, don't you agree? The gift is yours to open and see.

Ice Breaker

Need an icebreaker for a group of people who don't know each other? Try "Get-Acquainted Bingo!" It's the perfect icebreaker for warming up your guests and helping them find common interests.

First, jot down some interesting facts about each guest attending the party, such as "Susan -just got pregnant" or "Matt - hired by the FBI." Buy enough 5-by-8-inch index cards for each guest. Draw a grid on each card, three squares across by three down. In each square, write a question about one of the other guests, using your list as a guide.


For example, if Susan "just got pregnant," you might write, "Who's expecting the stork?" If Matt was "hired by the FBI," you might write, "Who has come to the party undercover?" Distribute the questions throughout the cards so that all players have equal amounts.

When guests arrive, hand them a card and a pencil. Tell them to find the answers to the questions on their card by asking the other guests creative questions. When they find a match, have them get an initial from the matching player in the appropriate square. The player who fills the card with initials first wins a prize.

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