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Quick Name 

This game combines quick knowledge of the names of the people at the party, as well as various items from different categories. Have everyone sit/stand in a circle. Go around the circle and have everyone say their first name, and then reveal a good way to remember their name. The first person begins the game by announcing what the category is. For example, let's say that the category is cars. The first person would then throw the ball at someone of his/her choice, and that person would have to say something that relates to the category of cars, as well as the name of the person who threw the ball. Then as quickly as possible without skipping a beat, that person must throw it to another person of his/her choice. When the next person gets the ball, he/she must say another thing that relates to the car category as well as the name

of the person who just threw the ball- and so on. If someone flubs a name or a category then he/she is out. The person who is left sitting in the circle last is the winner. However, if you would rather just focus on getting to know everyone and having fun, you can award prizes at the end for "Quickest Thinker," "Worst with Names," "Best/Worst Passer", etc.

Lap Sitting Game

Ask these statements to the guests. When a person can answer yes to a question, that person moves to the next seat on their right.  The first person that gets back to their original seat wins.  By the way...there will be several sitting on laps...even 4 at a time. Have Fun!!


If you are wearing shoes that tie
If you are wearing a watch
If you have on a button
If you went to church Sunday 
If you kissed your significant other today 
If you are wearing heels 
If you are wearing a ring
If you are having fun 

If you are wearing yellow 
If you made the bed you slept in 
If you have a zipper 
If you are wearing pants 
If you have a son 
If you have green eyes


Mary Mall and Suzy (your company name)

First you need play money one hundred dollar bills.  This is what I do at my shows. After I introduce myself, I thank the hostess, go over the hostess program, and ask for 2 volunteers to come up to stand next to me on either side.  I turn to one and say that she is Mary Mall and she just started working at the mall p/t for some extra $. The other is Suzy (your company name) and she just started with (your company) for some extra $.

They both work about 10 hrs a week. I base it on a $200 show 3 times a week.  At the end of the first week Mary Mall made $100. She makes $10/ hour (very generous for the mall). Hand her $100. Suzy (your company name) made 300$ her first week, so hand her $300 and say awesome Mary!!! Do the same each week for 4 weeks, making a big deal over Suzy and not saying too much about Mary.

At the end of 4 weeks, say because you did such a great job, Suzy, and brought in X amount of sales to the company they are going to give you several other bonuses.  Then hand her another $500.  Ask Mary to count her money, say nice job, and ask Suzy to count her money and she should have $1700. Ask her what she is going to do with her earnings.

Thank them both and give each of them a gift and a top ten reason to become a (your company) consultant.  I also tell the guests that the income is one of the reasons I joined (company).  I just handed out 2 sponsoring packets, and got them thinking.

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