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Christmas Games

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Give your guests a piece of blank paper. Have them put it on top of their head and use their catalog as a “desk.”  Then tell them to do the following things on the paper to the best of their ability.  The one with the most points at the end is the winner.  Draw a circle (the body). Draw a smaller circle (the head). Draw his left leg. Draw his right arm. Draw his nose on the head. Draw his boot on the left leg. Draw his right leg. Draw his eyes. Draw the sack beside Santa. Draw his beard. Draw his boot on the right leg. Draw the left arm. Draw a present in the sack. Draw gloves on his hands. Draw a hat on his head. (Don’t just read it, say things like "Santa's left foot is cold - give him a boot...he needs a present to give - put one in the sack, etc.)


10 for legs in right place; 15 for nose on the head; 20 for boots on the legs; 25 for eyes on head; 30 for the sack;



Christmas Trivia

1. What colorful twinkling items are the first thing usually hung on a Christmas tree? (Lights)
2. Name one of the most famous tree toppers. (Angel/Star)
3. What do English children expect to find their presents in? (Their stockings)
4. How many points on a Christmas star? (five/six)
5. On what dates are gifts given in Italy? (January 6)
6. What symbolically does the "X" in X-mas stand for? (Christ)
7. What will be the first C Day in the twenty-first century? (Christmas ~ December 25, 2001) -(NOTE--2000 ends the century; 2001 begins the century)

8. What saint brought Christmas to Ireland in the 5th Century? (St. Patrick)


9. What holiday film annually appears on television more than three hundred times? (It's a Wonderful Life)
10. According to superstition, what do cattle do at midnight on Christmas Eve? (Speak)
11. What romantic tradition did England save while others allowed it to perish? (Kissing under the mistletoe)
12. What is the "flower of the night" in Mexico? (Poinsettia)
13. Of 365 days, what number is Christmas Day? (359)
14. What German Tradition has never gained mass acceptance by the French? (Christmas tree)
15. What plant creation is hung on doors during Christmas time? (Wreaths)
16. On what day do french parents exchange presents? (New Years Day)

17. According to superstition, what happens to bread baked on Christmas? (It never gets moldy)
18. On what date do Mexican children receive their Gifts? (January 6)
19. What department store chain is responsible for Rudolph? (Montgomery Wards)

20. Why should you be careful with holly berries? (They're poisonous)
21. In what country did the manger scene debut? (Greece, Spain, Italy or Germany)
22. What direction did the star lead the three kings? (Westward)

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