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Marketing Tips for Direct Sales

Marketing your business is what will make or break you.   While you may have all the "tools" and knowledge of what you need to know in finding leads, recruiting and selling.....unless you learn how to effectively market your business, you will eventually get to a standstill.  Basically, unless you "get busy" and promote yourself and your business, you can and WILL only go so far. Too many consultants give up too soon or expect too much from only a little bit of effort.  Some literally expect business to fall into their laps.  If you think this way, you are setting yourself up for failure. 


While "some" business may find it's way to you without much effort on your part, to be successfull and have a long term career in direct sales, you need to keep marketing your business as a top priority and be proactive in this area.

When you market and advertise your business you should include all forms of marketing: word of mouth (yours, OR someone elses) online (search engines, directories, contests, message boards and newsletters), print (newspapers, magazines, flyers, direct mailings  and coupons) , in person, non-verbal (the way


you look, act and dress helps to market your business)  AND special events and promotional opportunities (craft fairs, expos, sponsorship opportunities and community outreach).

Make a note that while there ARE many ways to receive free advertising and marketing for your business, to be most effective, the old saying "it takes money to make money" really does ring true.  When you are trying to build your business you need to market/advertise consistently and repetively.  The "big guys" didn't get to be big by getting the word out just once or twice about their product.  And, once they


became well known, they haven't stopped.  That is why you will always see commericals and ads for McDonalds, Nike, Fischer Price etc. (click here to read a very IMPORTANT article titled  "Now You See Me, Now You Don't.... ) Whether it is purchasing materials to create flyers, brochures and business cards, or actually purchasing "real" advertising, you do need to have a budget set aside for marketing your business.

Being involved in a direct sales company makes it a bit trickier for you. You may be a consultant with a very well known company such as Mary Kay, Tupperware or Discovery Toys, and what you need to have as your goal is that YOU are the name people think of when they see your direct sales company name.   For example, I know of MANY reps for one company in particular, but there is only ONE rep that I know by name and who I think of when it comes to that company.  This is because I am seeing her name over and over again.  She has ads in both of the local parenting publications, she has gotten involved in some community service projects where her name is listed, she does online advertising AND she keeps people updated through direct mailings and phone calls.  When people hear the name of "your company", you need to be the person that is first thought of as being associated with that company.  This CAN be done and there are many simple ways to market your business on an everyday basis.

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