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Time Management for Direct Sales

Manage your time and double your productivity~

1. Make a decision. Significant change starts when you decide to get in or get out. This is developed with practice. People are poor because they haven’t yet decided to be rich; they are overweight because they haven’t decided to be healthy and fit. Resolve that you are going to practice these principals until they become second nature. Self discipline is the ability to make yourself do what you should do whether you feel like it or not. Get started!


2. Develop clear goals and objectives.
Clarity! 80% of your success comes from you being very clear about what you want to achieve. There are only two real requirements for success. First, decide what you really want. Second, figure out what the price is to get it and then resolve to pay that price.

7 step formula to set goals to achieve success:

1. Decide exactly what you want in each part of your life. Earn, weight, family relationships, spiritual.


2. Write it down, clearly and in detail. If the goal isn’t in writing it isn’t a goal at all.
3. Set a deadline for the goal. This is a forcing system. Set sub-guidelines as well if needed.
4. Make a list of everything you have to do to reach the goal.
5. Organize the list into a plan what do you do first, second, etc…..then write it all out on paper.
6. Take action on your plan.
7. Do something every single day that moves you towards reaching your most important goal for that day. Exercise – blank sheet of paper, write 10 goals you
want to accomplish in 12 months – write


them in the present tense as if you have already done it. Start each one with the word “I” Select the most important goal on this list. Which goal if achieved right now would have the biggest impact on my life? Then circle it, write it down on new paper, set a deadline make a list and plan it out as above and work it for 365 days. Become intensely goal oriented. Review them everyday. Look for better ways to achieve them.

3. Plan every day in advance. The 6 P Plan. “Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.” The 10% you spend planning the activity is 90% of finishing that activity. Write everything down – it helps you connect with what you have to do. Create a Master List of everything you have to do, then each month create a monthly list and decide when you will do when to complete the monthly list, then each evening you plan your next day. Check each item off as you accomplish them. The list serves as a score card. Working from a list will increase your productivity 25%! Work from your written list.

4. Use the ABCDE method for setting priorities. Select your most valuable task and work on it until it is complete. Clarify the most important thing you could possibly be doing before you start. Think of the potential consequences if a task is done or not done. Make a list of everything you have to do before you begin, and then put one of the letters next to each item on the list. A’s – MUST be done, B’s – Something you SHOULD do, C’s – NICE to do, D’s – Delegate to someone else to free up your time for the A activities. E’s – Eliminate and it would make no difference. If there are A’s to be done, you should never be working on a B. Go back over the list and prioritize the tasks then, A1, A2, B1...

5. Separate the urgent from the important. – Everything that you have to do can be divided into 4 categories – Urgent/Not Urgent – Important/Not Important – Urgent and Important are almost always determined by other people. You can’t put them off. Important but Not Urgent – these have greatest long term impact. Not Urgent but Important become more important later on. Not Urgent and Not Important – chit chat, going shopping – time waster and a killer of careers. Spend more time doing the Urgent and Important.

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